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The David Molak Story

A San Antonio teenager was bullied by classmates so viciously and so consistently that he eventually committed suicide. Now, in a heartfelt Facebook post that his since gone viral, the teenager’s older brother is calling on parents, schools, and communities to treat bullying as a serious issue. Continue Reading

The Kameron Jacobsen Story

Kameron Jacobsen was a pint sized ninth grader with an outsized personality who was bullied to his breaking point. The 14 year old took his own life to escape the pain from the torture of his classmates. Continue Reading

The Kevin Jaconsen Story

Kevin Jacobsen, an anti-bullying advocate from Monroe, N.Y. took his own life in early January, near the one-year anniversary of the death of his 14-year-old son, Kameron -- a victim of bullying. Continue Reading

The Christian Stanfield Story

Pennsylvania bullying victim with learning disability charged with crime after recording classmates. The Pennsylvania teen was found guilty of disorderly conduct by a judge after he tried to get help against the bullies at school. Continue Reading

Being Bullied - Will's Story

My name is Will. I am 14 year old hiker, runner, and boy scout and I  was bullied as well. These bullies weren't as bad as others but they did  traumatize me. I have a disorder called Aspergers Syndrome. A minor form of Autism.  I think differently from others and find it hard to be social. Continue Reading

Curtis' Story

Hey my name is William but I go by Curtis. My dad is active military and was deployed for most of my younger years. We moved about every 2-3 years so making friends was more an more difficult and people seemed to think the new kid was an easy target to pick on. So from 3rd grade and on I was bullied for any an every reason. I was small, skinny, had big teeth... Continue Reading

Taylor's Story

It starts off in elementary kindergarten to be exact. I was considered "different" the kids didn't like the way I looked sounded and etc. They would leave me out of any activities on the playground and made fun of me often. In first grade...Continue Reading

Sam's Story

My name is Sam, (girl) and when I found this website I almost cried, I though I was alone in this, but I guess not, well here’s my story… I guess you could say it started in sixth grade, there was this guy, who I had been in class with for a few years and I kinda liked him, and one day he asked me out... Continue Reading

Tori's Story

Hi, my name is Tori and I would be a so-called "veteran" of bullying. I can't remember when it started honestly, but for a big part of my life, I was as very poor. For two years straight, I lived in a camper with my baby sister and both parents, and I would have to get dressed at morning in the complete darkness Continue Reading

Si'erra's Story

Hi. My name is Si'erra, and I have a personal bullying story I would like to share. It was a few months after school had started, and I was in my second period science class. A girl had come in because she transferred her class for an unknown reason. I thought Wow! We’re getting a new person in our class. How exciting! But then my science teacher told her to sit in the desk next to me, to which she replied "No! I don't like her". I was so confused... Continue Reading 

Emmeline's Story

My name is Emmeline. My story isn't all that bad, but I want to show a new form of bullying most teachers in my school don't recognize and my story that was mentioned very subtly to my friends. When I was little, and in kindergarten, I was pretty chubby and naive, so people were always annoyed at me. I had never noticed this; if they laughed at me... Continue Reading



Maya's Story

My name is Maya, My first day was not so bad I was just really scared and I even got lost but thankfully my mom works there. towards the middle of the year people started pick on me because of my size, I was very short because of bone growth delay ( that is when your bones don’t grow as fast as they should) I was pretty used to it because of my old school and outside activities. It was different there thought because  Continue Reading

NEWS REPORT:  RICHMOND, TX – Parents Allege Violent Bullying Environment At Briscoe Junior High; School Denies Bullying Is an Issue

RICHMOND, TX – Multiple families have come forward publicly this week claiming planned attacks of individual students are beginning to occur more frequently. Briscoe Junior High School, in Richmond, TX, is the scene of increasing bullying and violence, according to parents of students at the school. Continue Reading

The Amanda Todd Story

When she was in the 7th grade, Amanda met a man in an online chat room who talked her into flashing him her breasts. A year later, the man contacted her on Facebook and asked her to 'put on a show' for him. He threatened to release a picture of her to everyone she knew if she did not comply with... Continue Reading 

The Ronan Hughes Story

a 17-year-old from Co Tyrone, Northern Ireland killed himself after being blackmailed into posting pictures of himself online. At his funeral, parish priest Fr Benny Fee told mourners "He did not take his own life. His life was taken...Continue Reading 


The Hannah Smith Story

Hannah Smith, a 14-year-old girl from Lutterworth, Leicestershire, England, hanged herself in her bedroom on August 3rd, 2013. In the weeks leading up to her death, Smith had been subjected to cruel taunts and insults about her weight and... Continue Reading


The hope Witsell Story

Hope Witsell was a 13-year-old who grew up in Sundance, Florida. Her only crime was forwarding a nude photo of herself to a boy she liked. Another girl borrowed the boy’s phone, found the image and... Continue Reading

NEWS REPORT: BLACKSBURG, VA – Mother Says Murder Victim Nicole Lovell Was Bullied By Classmates

BLACKSBURG, VA – As details surrounding the abduction and murder of 13-year-old Nicole Lovell emerge, her mother reveals that her daughter had been extensively bullied at school and cyber-bullied by classmates at Blacksburg Middle School... Continue Reading

News Report: TRACY, CA – Autistic Boy At Kimball High Beaten By Classmates with Traffic Cone

Robert Howard said he felt scared on Tuesday as some kids laughed at him just before one boy took an orange plastic traffic cone to his face.

"Like this tall and this wide. And it hit me right in my lip," the 14-year-old freshman said, describing how big the cone was as it was hurled at him after PE class.

It resulted in a busted lip, causing a huge gash, that required Read More

NEWS REPORT: Kid bullied to leave school because he wasn't 'black enough'

The student stabbed Ryan in the back with a mechanical pencil and walked away. There was no explanation, no words exchanged at all. But Ryan knew why it happened... Continue Reading


The Aaron Dugmore Story

Bullied to Death Because of RACE

Aaron Dugmore committed suicide at age 9 because of what amounts to racist bullying.  Racist bullying that, once again!, nothing was done to prevent.  It’s not just in this country:  it’s a worldwide lack of caring... Continue Reading

Black Sisters Endured Relentless Racist Bullying

The abuse began in kindergarten, when the eldest sister, Kyana Fennell, was called a “ni---r” by a boy on the school bus. This is what it is like to be Kyana Fennell, who had the audacity to attempt to attend public school in Texas while being black. All of the facts... Continue Reading


../../stream/index.php?cmd=im.thumb&path=%7B0%7D/wagnerNEW.jpg&u=60145Administrator denies Antigo shooter was bullied

ANTIGO - An interim school district administrator said there is "absolutely no indication" Jakob Wagner was bullied, despite former classmates' description of merciless bullying he endured throughout his school Read More

Bullied boy with bone disease beat up, injured in school


MONROE COUNTY, Mich. (WJBK) - Shocking video out of Monroe County – a boy in a wheelchair got into a fist fight with a fellow student. That boy is battling a debilitating bone disease and is now in the hospital with a broken leg continue reading

Family: Bullying caused Sedalia teen's suicide

Sixteen-year-old Riley Garrigus took her own life on Saturday. Family members told 41 Action News the Smith-Cotton High School sophomore was bullied continuously.

The teen's father, Ralph Garrigus, said she visited the school counselor one day before her death, but no one Continue Reading