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There is an African proverb that states:

"It takes a village to raise a child"

We have extended that proverb:

"We Are The Village"

Mission Statement: "Our mission is to give children opportunities that they may not otherwise have."

Like the founder of the We Are The Village Project, many of us come from a time where it took an entire community to help bring up a child. A time when neighbors would discipline us and then go tell our parents, a time where if you were hungry and needed a place to stay, it was customary to knock on your neighbor's door and receive help, a time when school was your second home and the teachers were a part of your extended family, and the famous saying reigned true, "No child left behind".  The world was less selfish and there was no such thing as a "selfie". Today, we live in a fast paced rat race where everyone is out for what theirs and no one has time to take on their neighbors problems. Most of us don't even know our neighbors. 

With the 'We Are The Village Project', we can get back to the essence of that time. We know we can not go back in history, but we can make a better future. It starts right here, right now. Although, the 'We Are The Village Project' is so much greater than just the anti-bullying campaign, bullying is an issue that is hindering a lot of children from being the best they can be.


What does it mean to be a part of the village? It means that each one of us are responsible for the upbringing of the youth around us.

 hands upThe way it works is that we get responsible adults and young adults the community involved in gearing and steering our children in the right directions. These selected individuals that the initiative by showing interest in and mentoring the children. They are people such as parents in the community, neighbors, teachers, police officers, fireman, artists, tradesman, dentists, dietitians, hospitals, entrepreneurs,  local businesses, city representatives, leaders, musicians, dancers, teen role models and so on.

We guide the children in the following areas:

    •      How to have self confidence
    •      How to follow to be able to lead
    •      Self Respect and Self esteem
    •      Art Appreciation
    •      Worldwide Cultures
    •      Positive Thinking vs. Negative Thinking
    •      How to turn Dreams into Realities
    •      Career Building
    •      Counseling


We also help them deal with mental, social and economic issues that they may deal with on day to day basis such as:

    •      Advocacy
    •      Anti Bullying Programs
    • Self Esteem Building
    •      Drug Prevention/Drug Usage
    •      Abstinence
    •      Child Abuse
    •      Violence Victim Services
    •      Parenting Resources

By partnering with the residents, community agencies, health care providers and families in the community, the kids in our community have the opportunity for the best life far beyond they could ever imagine.

child has the best ability to become a healthy adult if the entire community takes an active role in contributing to the rearing of the child


"If you are not a part of the village, then you are apart from the village."