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Hip Hop Pioneer Skrap Dawg was born in the Third Ward district of Houston, Texas. A music fan from the start, Skrap began rapping in his early teens. His first major success came in the early 90's when his rap group, "The Jump Out Boys" begin to get noticed by major labels such as Virgin/ New Tribe records. In 2007, Skrap started his own label, Barrier Breakers Entertainment. Skrap released his first major solo album "Breath of Fresh Air". First released overseas, it became a major hit. It continue to sale many physical and online copies all over the world.


From 1991-1998, he began tapping into rapping skills that he always knew he had. He formed a group called “The Jump Out Boys”. The group began to appear in local shows and later on inner-state and neighboring state tours. The Jump Out Boys have performed with greats such as Too Short, Girls Tyme (known today as Destiny's Child) and even appeared on the same show card as Biggie Smalls. In 1994, The Jump Out Boys released the single “In Tha Hood”, featuring Southern rapper/singer Big Moe and Mike Wilson. With that single, the Jump Out Boys made a lot of noise, even landing their single in the rotation at the local radio stations. Major labels on both the east coast and west coast traveled down south and showed interest in the group. Later after mismanagement, the group dismantled. Off the success of the single "In tha Hood", Skrap moved to Atlanta, GA to embark on a solo career.


In Atlanta, Skrap continued to write his music. In fact, he begun to write some of his best work. While stepping out of the hood and his surroundings in Houston, Skrap began to understand his purpose in life. This resulted in a change for the better and added the balance that was always missing in his life. He received spiritual enlightenment from his mentor, Creflo Dollar. He understood that his purpose was to touch people lives through his music and way of life. While getting full knowledge for the soul, he was also studying something else. He began studying the music business. He studied all the musical greats from old and of that time. He learned what made them successful and what made them fail. He dissected hit songs, and developed formulas. He may not have a Master in music, but he became a Music Master. Skrap meditated on what he learned and perfected his craft. Still on a music mission, he crossed path and impressed the musical legend Eric Sherman of E.P.M.D. In After doing local shows and performing in front of thousands of people, he then moved back to Houston hungrier than ever, but not just for the music, but the business behind the music.

From 1999 until 2006, Skrap Dawg focused exclusively on the business. As a result, in 2007 Barrier Breakers Entertainment was established. Streams of successful albums are now in production at BBE, including the long awaited “Jump Out Boys” reunion album, his highly anticipated double disc solo album “Best Kept Secret”. In 2010 Skrap released his solo album entitled, “Breath of Fresh Air”. After signing several artists to his Barrier Breakers imprint, Skrap continues to be the foundation of the company as well as leaving his mark on the rap game as a standout artist. Before it’s over, Skrap will indeed be mentioned in the same breath as some of the greats that influenced him, like Tupac, Notorious BIG, Jay Z and Scarface.