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Skrap Dawg and his entertainment company developed the "We Are The Village Project" to help people in the community. The first issue the "We Are The Village Project" will tackle is bullying. When asked, why start with bullying, Skrap told us a little story that happened in 2011. There was a 5th grader named Vanna was being bullied by a group of boys each day. "One day while talking to a classmate, my name came up in conversation", Skrap said. She told her friend that she knew Skrap Dawg and the group of boys overheard her. They began to make fun of her. They told her she was a liar and start calling her names. The funny part about it", says Skrap, "is that Vannia actually did meet me before on several occasions".

After a few weeks, the bullying became very intense. The boys would not leave her alone. Her mother made a phone call to her connect at Barrier Breakers Entertainment and requested a lunch visit to Vannia's school. "My schedule was very busy at that time, I was doing shows like every week, so my time was very limited. We called her mother up one day, and did a surprise visit to Vannia's school. That very day, the boys began to tease her again. I walked in the lunchroom and Vannia was so surprised, she ran up and gave the biggest hug! A large group kids ran up to me for autographs. After the boys picked their face off the floor," Skrap said jokingly, "they ran up to me wanted pictures, posters, CD's, T-shirts, anything. I told them they had to apologize to Vannia for bullying, and if she wanted to give them one, she could. Those kids were amazing. I had this reaction before with mixed crowds, adults, fans, you know, but this was different. That day, I realized how powerful music is to children. It wasn't just the music, but the entire image of me, a star, that the children were looking up to. I had their attention and they hung on to every word and movement that I made. A difference was made in that kid's life that day. I thought about that old proverb about it takes a village to raise a child. That has stuck in my head since. It's time that we all come together for this generation.

"That day, I realized how powerful music is to children" 

Although the village project is a huge movement about many things, we just had to start with the bullying issue. Every day, we hear reports of school violence and kids taking their lives due to bullying. This has to stop." During the last few years, Skrap buried himself in the studio recording track after track. He has also been on the move performing songs in various spots from his upcoming second L.P. When asked why he paused his grown folk music to focus on the bully song, he said this, "Success isn't just about what you do in your life, but what you inspire others to do also. We haven't heard 'the children are the future' since the late, great Whitney Houston sang about it in her song 'Greatest Love of All'.  That's what it's about, the children. You know, Bullies Ain't Kool was not written overnight. This song has been in the making for a couple of years.  I had all the beats and instrumentation that I wanted to use inside of me, I just needed to get it out. I knew this would be a very important and powerful song, so I had to make sure I got the right team of producers and engineers to help execute the song. We wanted this song perfect. The inspiration to write Bullies Ain't Kool came to we while working on my new album titled, Music Is Suppose to Inspire. I am very excited about both projects, however, due to the current bulling issue that's affecting our children, this song has taken priority. "TheWe Are The Village Project, says Skrap Dawg, "is so important to me, that I had to get everyone involved. Regardless of what project I have going on in my music career, the We Are The VIllage Project will always be about the children... always."